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Sermons & Addresses
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Having faith in God is better than being certain about GodThe Christian Century – July 13, 2018
“You can be whatever you wish” and other myths
, The Christian Century – May 7, 2018
Listening all the way into the pulpitThe Christian Century – March 16, 2018
People with Gravitas, The Christian Century – January 22, 2018


Sermons & Addresses
Watch videos of President Barnes' sermons and addresses on our Multimedia page. Selected sermons are also available for listening on SoundCloud and iTunes

Annual Report to Donors, 2016–17
A Pastoral Response to Charlottesville – August 14, 2017
A Pastoral Letter on the Immigration Executive Order – January 31, 2017

Gentleness Isn't FragileThe Christian Century – November 30, 2017
Things Are Always Falling Apart: Is There a Center that Can Hold?The Christian Century – October 5, 2017
What I Learned from our Seminary's Conflict about Hosting Tim KellerThe Christian Century – August 9, 2017
The Temporary Gift of MarriageThe Christian Century – June 14, 2017
The Night I Learned to Take Chances, The Christian Century – April 19, 2017
Glimpses of the Beloved CommunityThe Christian Century – February 24, 2017


Sermons & Addresses
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Annual Report to Donors, 2015–16

Why I Worry about the Pastors of Politically Divided ChurchesThe Christian Century – December 20, 2016
What Waiting reveals about our True SelvesThe Christian Century – November 4, 2016
Boomers have got a friend in James TaylorThe Christian Century – September 2, 2016
The Missing TheologiansThe Christian Century – July 8, 2016
Other People's Faith in YouThe Chrisitan Century – May 18, 2016
Brides of Christ, The Christian Century – March 18, 2016
The Post-Anxiety ChurchThe Christian Century – January 29, 2016

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